Whenever liquids predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, they disseminates tranquility, like, kindness, determination, quietness, or any other allied virtues

Whenever liquids predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, they disseminates tranquility, like, kindness, determination, quietness, or any other allied virtues

One of several Karen and you may Burmese the new gut is actually held becoming brand new chair of your own appeal plus the ailment, differing moods and you may physical standards are attributed to the clear presence of cinch (“k’ li”), flame (“me”), or liquids (“paw leh”). The brand new elders insist one fifteen hundred or so cavities in the abdomen include snap, 12 have flames, and one include liquids. Whenever flames is within the ascendancy, a person is incited so you’re able to envy, malice, hatred, and payback. The different characteristics is intermingled when you look at the a person’s profile in proportion so you’re able to the new mingling of your multiple facets.[26-9]

The brand new pee of one sex is sometimes recommended once the a liniment having persons of one’s opposite gender

Many charms donned by both Karen therefore the Burmese are designed to stop cinch from putting on the latest ascendancy inside the the fresh new gut. One of such as for example charms try strings regarding dehydrated fruits regarding certain flowers, chain away from gold coins that happen to be blown abreast of, and you can gnarled cords which were put on the fresh new wearer by elders otherwise prophets.

Something remains to be told you regarding”k’ thi thras” otherwise “medicine-coaches,” just who material medicines out of various root and plant life that they behavior a kind of medical lore, as well as their occult rites. There is no doubt but that they comprehend the medicinal action out of certain vegetation. They will explain a particular tree into the review you to their simply leaves are great for temperature or any other complaint. To my requst for the majority of prescriptions an effective Karen doctor provided me with a hundred of them. Dr. Wade have compiled more than 40 profiles from scientific formulae of various kinds, one of them several of real worthy of. Dr. Mason says title from a little sneaking plant (Hydrocotyle asiatica) which, in the event the used since the good poultice eventually, tend to stop, in the event it doesn’t dump, leprosy.[26-10] How many of them Karen prescriptions are from Burmese, Shan, otherwise Talign resource I can not say. I was told several times that the Karen which nonetheless stay-in the primitive requirements, depend entirely with the miracle and choices to take care of sickness. My personal observance leads me to accept that the utilization of medicine develops, since someone already been more info on into experience of other racing.

New Karen accept that smells keeps reasonable affect new body, both for a as well as ill. There is almost nothing you to a beneficial Karen otherwise, indeed, an effective Burman worries so much when he do scent out-of cooking weight (“ta neu xo”). They feel that scent in some way gets in the body, particularly when discover a scrape of your skin, and results in all types of dilemmas, also abrupt dying. To get rid of pressing this smell, they usuall would one frying and this can be required aside-of-gates, and you may keep their serves up the noses to store off of the hate threat. To have restorative objectives smell-salts is common one of one another Karens and Burmans, once they can be bought in bazaar. A number of the pills consist of asafoetida and other smelly-smell foods, which are considered have a direct influence on the newest paitent. Sour and you can acrid-tasting medicines are also when you look at the great prefer.

The brand new incidence away from breeze over the other points provides satisfaction, aspiration, avarice, evil desires, and hilarity

Apart from such as for instance cures this new Karen “medicine-teachers” use unpleasant concbur, the hair on your head and you may snatch out-of specific pets, tigers’ and you may leopards’s whiskers, specific components of peoples corpses, the human body hair out-of individuals, dung of the many groups, the newest scrapings regarding charred concludes of bamboos utilized in piercing corpses on funeral pyre, etcetera. Here is a medicine taken from this new Karen Thesaurus, where it’s also known as “a huge febrifuge”: “Make umbilical wire reduce out of a special-born child, the newest undigested kernels regarding dung from your pet dog, white and red onions, ginge and you may black pepper inside the eros escort Fontana equivalent volume; mix carefully to make on pills how big is the finish of finger; dosage, 1 by 1 to be taken when you look at the heated water.”[26-11]